Decentralized Bonds, Staking & Lottery By Redemption DAO

  • Earn Through Low Risk & Secure DeFi Protocols.
  • Based on ERC-3475 Token Standard.
  • Puttable Bonds with On-Chain Meta Data Storage.
  • Owned & Managed by Redemption Community.

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Low to No Risk Investments - Backed by Community Run Treasury

Redemption is a “community-owned income generation De-Fi project” where token holders contribute their funds to a collectively owned and governed treasury that manages and invests the pooled funds to generate profits and distribute them among RDTN holders.

So hold your RDTN to not only make a profit with a token price increase but also earn Dividends passively.

Additionally, Redemption offers multiple earning models to earn passive income and win Prizes with crypto-powered:

  • On-Chain Puttable Bonds
  • Staking
  • Lottery

Join Redemption and be part of a decentralized financial system that offers rewards and financial freedom.


Achieve Financial Redemption

Redemption is the only token in the crypto space that offers you lucrative returns with risk-free investment models backed by Redemption Treasury.


Redemption Bonds

Blockchain-powered savings protocol to earn with a risk-free model. Keep your principal amount 100% secure & get profit on your Redemption bonds. Save money and also have a chance to WIN Prizes every week.



Redemption Token backs Redemption Bonds as collateral. Stake your RDTN to contribute towards token price stability. As a reward, earn more Redemption to increase your Governance & Dividend rights in Redemption Treasury.



Hit a jackpot with our smart contract-based lottery that gives you a chance to win huge redemption prizes. Start with as low as ~5 USD in Redemption and win millions.


The system has liquidity accessible to the public with a series of "smart contracts": These contracts will allow swaps without intermediaries, time restriction and at reduced costs.

Redemption Bonds

Win Through Savings

Based on ERC-3475 standard, Redemption Bonds are Puttable Bonds with onchain meta-data storage that provide investors with huge income potential and chances to win Prizes. With added puttable functionality, Bonds can be redeemed at any time at their Face value.

Why Invest In Redemption Bonds?

Redemption Bonds are the most innovative and secure crypto bonds. Here's how:

  • Secured Principal: Keep your Principal 100% Secured as Bonds are backed by the assets in Redemption Treasury. Get your Principal back anytime you want at its par value
  • Win Prizes: Get a chance to Win Weekly Prizes that are 5X your bond with over and above your Principal Amount.
  • Get Lucrative Returns: Hold your Redemption bonds till maturity to get profits and earn through savings.


Earn Rewards Holding Redemption Tokens

RDTN is a governance token that provides you with voting rights & dividends proportional to your holdings. Stake your Redemption to strengthen the protocol & earn rewards at a higher APR which increases your RDTN holdings, ultimately increasing your Governance & Dividend rights in Redemption Treasury.


100% Decentralized and Automatic Lottery & Prize Pools

Participate in a lottery to win and earn in a simple way.

Multiple Lottery Pools

Redemption offers a total of 5 different types of lottery pools. These include:

  • 1 Digit Prize Pool (Only 1 Winner with overall probability of 1/10)
  • 2 Digit Prize Pool (Max 10 Winners with overall probability of 10/100)
  • 3 Digit Prize Pool (Max 10 Winners with overall probability of 10/1,000)
  • 4 Digit Prize Pool (Max 109 Winners with overall probability of 109/10,000)
  • 5 Digit Prize Pool (Max 109 Winners with overall probability of 109/100,000)


REDEMPTION smart contract draws a random number to determine the winners of each prize pool.Match the winning lottery number with your tickets. If they match, you will win. Once you will win, you will get the reward in the form of REDEMPTION tokens.

Here's a BONUS point: Each lucky draw can have multiple winners.


Redemption DAO Governs The Future Of Redemption

Redemption is a community-driven governance structure run by core contributors, backers, token-holder, users & ecosystem contributors. Every token holder has a say in the project's decisions proportional to their token holdings.

Upon acceptance, a new proposal may be implemented after doing the technological and legal feasibility analysis of the idea by the Redemption team.

Join the democratic governance model, create proposals for change and collaborate with other RDTN holders. Experience the benefits of decentralization and own a stake in Redemption!

Redemption uses the “SafeSnap” Plugin on “Snapshot”, which enables decentralized execution of crypto governance proposals, through on-chain execution of off-chain votes




Why Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows the developed code to be easily implemented to other protocols and blockchains.



Ethereum provides the best liquidity coverage on a DeFi system. Ethereum provides Exposure to the largest L1 DeFi ecosystem.



Ethereum blockchain has reliable decentralized oracles that help to obtain data outside the blockchain.



Ethereum blockchain is extremely reliable in terms of security. Ethereum offers the highest level of decentralization and security.



Our Team

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Co-Founder & CEO

Affan Ahmed

Co-Founder & Project Manager

Samir Mustafa

Head Of Marketing Relations

Craig Symonds

Our Partners

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Why Invest In Pre-IDO?

Invest Without Cash

Yes, you heard it right. You can earn a commission by referring new investors. The more investors you bring, the more commission you get, hence increasing your stake in the project.

Discounted Rates - More Profit

Purchase Redemption tokens now and enjoy over 26.7% profit on IDO. While holding after IDO will make you 26.7% more profitable than IDO participants.

Book Profit on Listing

As an early investor, you can securely store your Redemption tokens in your crypto wallet and convert them into fiat money on profit once the token is listed on a decentralized exchange.

Redemption Through Buy-Back

With our unique Redeem option, you have the flexibility to exercise the buy-back option for select tokens even before their official listing, ensuring greater control and potential profit.

Redemption Guidance

Steps To Buy Redemption Tokens Before IDO

Why Redemption Exists


Earn Financial Freedom With Stable and Low-Risk Opportunities.


Grow Your Monetary possession by holding our Utility & Governance token as it grows in value.


Become part of a community-owned income generation De-Fi project.


Redemption is Future

Participate in our staking pools, or save and hold our Redemption bonds. Try your chances with the most transparent blockchain lottery or Simply buy and hold Redemption tokens.


  • High APR Staking
  • Decentralized Lottery & Bonds
  • Save To Win
  • Transparent & Secure System
  • Get Financial Freedom
  • Get Voting Rights with DAO


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